FoodSaver, Fresh Container 4set Combo
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รหัส : FA4SC35810
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05 สิงหาคม 2564

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FoodSaver, Fresh Container 4set Combo

FoodSaver FA4SC35810-000 Fresh Vacuum Seal Food Containers, 4-Piece Set 2 Trays, Kitchen Dining Description how important time, money your fridge is NEW Fresh the many use the same you have e to trust but with these Fresh Containers, more often, right of on to They crack/shatter/stain/ and even resistant.---These be vacuum sealer, simply follow the below).---Nestable, Microwave, Lid be washed You can also wash both pieces soapy water rinse and thoroughly.Made Crack/ Shatter/Odor/Stain resistant Plastic, BPA Vacuum Valve can be washed warm, soapy well indicator you know your.---Login to see all details

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