FoodSaver, V2244 Vacuum Sealing Food System
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รหัส : V2244W
จาก 3,850.00 บาท ลดทันที 860 บาท
ราคา 2,990.00 บาท

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FoodSaver, V2244 Vacuum Sealing Food System

Stretch your dollar: Meat preserved with the foodsaver system in the freezer can last upto 3 years and still taste fresh, flavorful, and freezer burn free; prep ahead meals, leftovers, and produce stored in the fridge will stay fresh upto weeks later instead of spoiling in days--Number 1 vacuum sealing system: Foodsaver keeps food fresh upto 5x longer compared to ordinary storage methods; Led light indicators easily guide you through the vacuum sealing process; Just press the vacuum and seal button to remove the air that causes freezer burn and spoilage--Easy lock and latch: 1 handed operation lets you easily lock the lid with a simple turn compared to other competitive units that require considerable force with 2 hands to close and lock the lid--Seal wet and dry items: No need for multiple modes; The patented removable drip tray will catch any overflow liquid and is dishwasher safe, making this kitchen appliance easy to clean and maintain---NRTL Tested & Certified Product: All Foodsaver appliances are ETL or UL certified by Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories (NRTLs) for compliance with applicable Product safety test standards; Safety is our number 1 priority---Compatible with fresh handheld sealer & other accessories: Attach the handheld sealer with the accessory hose included with your machine to start preserving food in the refrigerator and pantry with FoodSaver zipper bags and fresh containers; Other optional accessories include regular and wide mouth mason jar sealers and bottle stoppers for wine and oil bottles

เครื่องทำสุญญากาศและซีลปากถุงv2244 5.91 x 10.64 x 17.72 in Weight 1 Pounds ดูดอากาศ/ซีลถุงเพื่อถนอมความสดอาหาร ถาดรองน้ำถอดทำความสะอาดในเครื่องล้างจานได้

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