FoodSaver, V2040 Vacuum Sealing Food System
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รหัส : V2040
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ราคา 2,490.00 บาท

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FoodSaver, V2040 Vacuum Sealing Food System

The FoodSaver V2040 vacuum sealing system keeps air out and seals freshness in, this home vacuum-packaging system eliminates freezer burn and keeps foods fresh and delicious up to five times longer than conventional storage methods. The appliance comes with a push-and-lock latch for hands-free operation, plus a full-sized vacuum channel that delivers a crush-free instant seal. Its canister mode and accessory port allow for vacuum packaging FoodSaver canisters, jar sealer lids, universal lids, and bottle stoppers. The vacuum sealer also features an easy-to-clean anti-bacterial drip tray that accommodates vacuum packaging moist items in a FoodSaver bag. Accessories include one 11-by-10-inch roll of bag material, one 3-quart-size bag, two 1-gallon-size bags, an accessory hose, as well as hose storage clips. The vacuum-packaging system measures 14-3/4 by 9 by 3-1/2 inches.

เครื่องทำสุญญากาศและซีลปากถุงV2040 14-3/4 x 9 x 3-1/2 นิ้ว ดูดอากาศ/ซีลถุงเพื่อถนอมความสดอาหาร ถาดรองน้ำถอดทำความสะอาดในเครื่องล้างจานได้

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